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ShootWith.Me simplifies and streamlines the way photographers find and hire help, and fill the gaps of their schedule

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Long gone are the days of trying to organize photo shoots and events through Facebook or craigslist. Get to know ShootWith.Me.

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Use ShootWith.Me to curate a list of people who align with your needs.
Use ShootWith.Me to fill in the holes of your schedule.
ShootWith.Me is your one stop shop to manage who you've hired for your upcoming jobs.
The queue lets you offer your job to the people at the top of your list.
We built a robust messaging platform to speed up the communication process.
Wherever you're going with your photography career, ShootWith.Me helps you get there.

In Their Own Words Testimonials

A total game-changer

ShootWith.Me is brand new and already a total game-changer for my business. As someone who uses an assistant for every shoot and a second photographer for every wedding, I'm always in need of help. I used to spend hours posting in Facebook groups and sorting through the dozens of comments in hopes of finding a gem. Now, with ShootWith.Me, I can immediately see who is available, review their portfolio and gear, and make them an offer in less than a minute. I really can't recommend ShootWith.Me enough to any photographer!


ShootWith.Me is revolutionizing the way photographers hire contractors, and how contractors pick up assisting and shooting jobs. As a business owner trying to maintain a healthy work-family balance, time is one of my most valuable assets. Prior to ShootWith.Me, I spent way too much of that time online, looking for second photographers and associates, and responding to other photographers’ requests for help. SWM is giving me back that time and allowing me to pour it into other aspects of my life. I have posted multiple jobs on ShootWith.Me, and each one has been filled within hours – usually minutes! ShootWith.Me’s portfolio and review features give me assurance that I am working with other reputable photographers that I am confident aligning myself with. In addition to hiring assistants and photographers to help me at my own weddings, I have also been hired for a number of second-shooting and associate jobs at my desired rates and within my acceptable travel radius. I literally earned my investment back within a few days!

Responsive to user needs

ShootWith.Me is an absolute game changer for my second shooting business! I've been part of a great online community of professional photographers for several years but even then found getting second shooting opportunities a challenge. I signed up with ShootWith.Me just over a month ago and have booked 16 weddings and mitzvahs with 8 different studios on the platform. I'm excited that studios can find me, see my work and send me a job request easily and quickly. The platform is responsive to user needs and I'm excited to see ShootWith.Me grow all while landing the jobs that will help me grow as a professional photographer.

Scott Josuweit
SMJ Photography
Carrie Kizuka
Carrie Kizuka Photography
Chris Baker Evens
Chris Baker Evens Photography