Find New Talent

We simplify and streamline the way studios find and hire help. Our Studio accounts are for photographers of all genres who need to hire assistants, second shooters, or lead photographers for their jobs.

The Struggle Is Real

We aren't an antiquated directory or posting platform where people apply for jobs. Busy studios don't have time for that nonsense anyway. We enable studios to search our database of local photographers who align with all of their needs for the specific job.

Whether you're looking for an assistant to help with bags, lighting, and tracking down people, a second shooter to work a job with you, or to hire a lead photographer to cover a wedding that you're not able to be at, ShootWith.Me makes this process simple and straightforward. Using our platform, you can search for the best people based on location, rate, availability, gear, experience, rating, and more. ShootWith.Me is putting the process of finding help via Facebook and Craigslist in the rear-view mirror for good!

How it Works

Once you've completed the signup process, you'll be able to complete your studio profile and perform searches for assistants, second shooters and lead photographers as needed. All communication is synced within the ShootWith.Me platform, so never again will you need to scroll through past Facebook messages, texts, or emails to recall communication with those you hire. Over time, you'll be able to curate a go-to list of photographers by adding them to your favorites to make them easier to find when performing a search for an upcoming job. ShootWith.Me has a simple interface and short learning curve. In a matter of no time, you'll be filling roles for upcoming jobs and saving yourself time and reducing your stress.