Frequently Asked Questions

ShootWith.Me is a platform that simplifies and streamlines the way studios find and hire assistants, second shooters, and lead photographers. We enable photographers to create a profile equipped with a bio, profile picture, location, portfolio, hourly rate, and an interactive availability calendar. When a studio has a need to hire someone, they can search the database of photographer profiles to see the results that align with their needs. No longer do you need to constantly monitor social media photography groups to respond to jobs photographers post, nor do studios need to suffer the process of posting a job and then waiting for people to respond, going through their websites to view images, and a back and forth conversation about the details of the day. ShootWith.Me streamlines this process to save everyone time and money

ShootWith.Me is a great place to make yourself available to studios looking for people just like you. If you love photography, and have a desire to grow in your skills and abilities, ShootWith.Me is a great place for you. We’ll even help you determine which subscription level aligns with your goals and experience.

Once you have a studio account with ShootWith.Me, you’ll be able to create a job and see a list assistants, second shooters, and/or lead photographers who meet all of your requirements, including what they charge, their location, experience level, rate, and availability. From there, you’ll be able to select a group of people who you would like to add to your queue. This process allows you to offer the job to the top person in the queue where they’ll be given a certain, user defined, amount of time to respond. If they decline the job or run out of time, the next person on the list will be offered the job. The job will never be offered to more than one person at a time. To sum it up, you’ll be able to do all of this in a matter of minutes which will allow you to get back to things that are more time intensive.

ShootWith.Me will be your new best friend! An assistant account will be a perfect option for you. You’ll be able to create a profile and set your availability. We recommend that you actually make yourself available at a very low cost or even free if you’re just starting out. This will give you the highest chance of getting noticed by a studio in need. Over time, if you prove yourself reliable and enjoy working with other studios, you can begin to charge more for your assistance and use the platform to make some extra cash. For now though, you can consider this a pathway to finding an internship-like situation with local studios.

Whether you’re a photographer looking to get hired or a studio searching for help, you know the process is time consuming and frustrating as it is currently done. ShootWith.Me is a centralized platform that speeds up the process which will in turn save you time and money.

If you’re someone looking to get hired, you have to constantly monitor Facebook groups for when studios post jobs or needs they have. QUICK! You better respond as fast as you can because if you’re not close to the top of the list of 20-30 people who respond, you probably won’t get the job. ShootWith.Me makes it so that you no longer need to monitor these groups, but can rather set up your profile and enable studios to reach out to you directly, knowing you’re already a good match for what their needs are. ShootWith.Me is great for studios because one less time they have to jump on social media during the day is more time to get real work done and not get distracted. ShootWith.Me gives them the results they need instantly so that they can get back to more important work.

With a second shooter profile on ShootWith.Me, you can make excellent side money on dates you want to work. Once your profile is complete, you get to dictate the terms for when you want to make yourself available, how much you want to make, and more. Just like other gig-economy platforms, you are in total control of what jobs you take and when you want to work.

When we were building the ShootWith.Me platform, we wanted to first fix the most frustrating and time consuming part of connecting photography studios and those they’re looking to hire. We decided that staying out of the contract relationship between the two parties makes the most sense at the moment because not all studios handle contracts in the same way. With that being said, both parties will need to adhere to the terms of use they agreed to when signing up for an account.

In step with the previous question, ShootWith.Me does not want to get involved in the fiscal relationship between both parties. Some studios pay in cash, while others pay via check, Venmo, PayPal or another form of payment. If we handled payments through the platform, it would introduce friction between both parties by forcing them to handle payments the way we dictate. Both parties have agreed to our terms of use when signing up, so our expectation is that payment will be handled professionally.

After the job, the studio and person they hired will be able to review each other. This creates accountability and encourages the highest level of professionalism and service both parties offer each other. This also ensures that the industry is moving forward as a whole.

If you have availability on your calendar and make yourself available to studios that are looking to hire at a competitive rate, you’re in prime position to make more money on the ShootWith.Me platform. If after a good bit of time you’re finding that you’re not getting job requests, take a look at your profile to see what improvements you can make to showcase yourself in a more attractive way. For example, you can update your portfolio, lower your hourly rate, make yourself available on prime dates, and more.

Whether you’re a studio looking to hire help for a job, or a photographer looking to fill in gaps in your schedule, ShootWith.Me creates a centralized platform to simplify and streamline that process. When that process is easier, you save time and make more money which will in turn propel you toward your goals.

ShootWith.Me is a platform that simplifies and streamlines the way studios find and hire assistants, second shooters, and lead photographer. All of our educational resources are focused around the relationship between these parties. If you’re looking for educational content on how to be a better photographer, editing, or finding clients for your own brand, we would be happy to recommend some training options to you.