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What to Do When You're Not Being Hired

There are so many things that can make one person’s profile more attractive than another’s. It could be the body of work, desired rate, reviews, name recognition, or something else.

Setting Availability, Pricing, Emergency Coverage

If you are willing to fill a need that a studio has for a wedding, commercial shoot, sporting event or anything else, you have value to someone in the industry and they’re looking for you.

Performing Search and Building Your Queue: Part 2

Today, I want to spend a little time on one specific part that you’ll need to think through the first few times you find your help on ShootWith.Me.

Performing Search and Building Your Queue: Part 1

I want to take a moment to tell you about one of the features I am most excited about because I believe that it is going to save you so much time...

Picking the Right Images for Your Portfolio

If you have a second shooter or associate profile, picking the right images to represent you can make or break your chances of getting hired.

Choosing the Right Subscription Level

Some of you reading this are seasoned full-time professionals making a living on weddings, portraiture, commercial work, and more- That’s so awesome! Others of you are hobbyists who love…