Get to Know OurNext Level Photography Platform

ShootWith.Me simplifies and streamlines the way studios find and hire assistants, second shooters, and lead photographers. Never again will you have to wait hours or days to get help lined up for an upcoming shoot. With ShootWith.Me's robust features, finding tailor fit and reliable talent is only a few clicks away.

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Save Time

Search for help based on your event's location, availability, experience, gear, reviews, rate, and more. Once you see the list of everyone who aligns with your needs, assemble a list of your top options.


For all Roles

Create easy to understand profiles so that when you're looking for the best help for your job, the information and layout you see is consistent from one option to the next.

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Increase Income

Whether you're an established pro, or an entry level hobbyist, we have a profile type perfect for where you are as a photographer.

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No Commissions

We don't take a commission on payment from studios to the people they hire. You get to keep 100% of your negotiated rate!

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Climb the Ladder

We are a platform designed to give people an opportunity to get hired no matter what level they are at. If you're dedicated to growing as a photographer, we have studios looking for people just like you.

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Reach Your Goals

We help photographers reach their goals by simplifying the process for both parties, saving you time throughout the process, and introducing new growth opportunities along the way.

Find the Perfect Fit

Use ShootWith.Me to curate a list of people who align with your needs.

When performing a search for an upcoming job, you can filter your results based on the date of your shoot, the location, rate you want to pay, gear, experience, reviews and more.

Be the Perfect Fit

Use ShootWith.Me to fill in the holes of your schedule.

If you want to be hired by studios that are looking for people just like you, create a profile and set your availability. Then kick back knowing that you no longer have to hunt down job opportunities because they'll be coming to you instead.

Stay Organized

ShootWith.Me is your one stop shop to manage who you've hired for your upcoming jobs.

Remembering who you're working with and all of the details surrounding those jobs can be clunky at times. ShootWith.Me simplifies this process by logging all of the details for each job and making them available to both the studio and the person they hired.

Build Your Queue

The queue lets you offer your job to the people at the top of your list.

Our queue feature allows you to add and order the talent you've selected and offer the top person in the queue the job. If they accept the job, then great! But if they don't, our system will reach out to the next person on the queue automatically. No need to manually go in and message individuals each time.

Communicate Efficiently

We built a robust messaging platform to speed up the communication process.

Whether you're in your studio, out on a job, or just chilling at home, stay up to date with all of your conversations within ShootWith.Me by utilizing our native messaging tool, emails and SMS: All syncing with one another to ensure you never miss a detail.


After each job, both parties review each other to ensure accountability and the best possible working relationship.

Our review process was designed to emphasize and encourage a professional working environment while helping studios find help that aligns with their brand. Reviews ensure that everyone fulfills their end of the relationship to the highest level possible.